North Star Remote & Extreme

Supporting challenging shoots in the world's wildest places.

We can help you with:

  • Early support to your planning, location, creative objectives and production requirements.
  • Detailed safety and security intelligence to identify risk areas in advance, protect your crew, safely capture exciting content and get the most from your locations.
  • Guidance on activity-specific risk management and specialist environments e.g. jungle, desert, arctic, ocean & mountains.
  • Comprehensive peer-reviewed risk assessments for recces, shoots and specific activities.
  • Effective medical, security, evacuation and communication plans.
  • Dynamic Risk Management on the ground, implementing effective safety protocols for evolving and unpredictable risks inherent in operating in remote environments.

  • Safety advisers experienced in a wide variety of environments from deep jungle to Himalayan peaks.
  • Advanced First Aiders, Remote Area Medics, Paramedics and Doctors.
  • Specialists in adventurous activities and expedition leadership (e.g. Rope Access, Boat and Water Safety, Jungle Leaders, Mountaineers & Off-road driving experts).
  • SIA licensed & experienced security personnel to ensure the protection and security of your crew in sensitive and hostile environments.
  • Our consultants can take on a range of location and logistics management responsibilities to help reduce the pressure on production teams.

  • Personal care and survival for challenging environments such as jungle, desert, arctic or high altitude.
  • Intensive training for operating in sensitive and hostile environments.
  • 4x4 Training - specialist driving and vehicle safety for remote and off-road environments.

  • Advice and guidance on safety, medical, communications, personal and specialist equipment for a wide range of different environments, expeditions and activities.
  • Our central London store provides rapid dispatch of discounted equipment for both direct hire and sale.
  • Satellite Phones, radios, emergency beacons, GPS and tracking.
  • Clothing & Expedition kit for extreme environments.

Recent Credits Include
  • 'Connected' Zero Pont Zero / Netflix (In Production)
  • ‘Race Across the World’ (Studio Lambert / BBC 2) – Europe & Asia
  • ‘Escape’ (Maverick/C4) – Panama & Iceland
  • ‘My Year with the Tribe’ (Keo/BBC2) - Papua New Guinea
  • ‘Everest Rescue’ (Betty/Discovery) - Nepal
  • ‘Fortitude’ (Fifty Fathoms/Sky 1) - Iceland
  • ‘Survival of the Fittest’ (Two Four/ITV) - South Africa
  • 'Dope' Netflix