North Star Medical Support

Expedition doctor, paramedic or remote first aid medical support for high risk or remote productions

Medical Support

  • Our medical support has saved lives, reputation and productions.
  • We provide advanced first aiders, remote area medics, paramedics and doctors.
  • Our team have significant pre hospital, expedition and wilderness medicine experience.
  • Each medic is equipped with first aid equipment commensurate to their skills and the risk faced, and as needed can be supplied with satellite communication and tracking equipment for operating in a remote environment.
  • We can work with you on supplying a comprehensive medical risk assessment. This will include realistic and pragmatic advice on the care needed, the scope and practice of supporting medics and the equipment required.

Medical Support and Evacuation Planning
  • Our medical incident and evacuation planning has been tested, successfully, under the most challenging of circumstances and has saved lives.
  • We work with you to assess the level of medical risk to your production based on the team, the activities planned and the remoteness of your location as prescribed in the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh Pre-hospital care guide for wilderness medicine.

Clinical Governance
  • Our medical support is delivered under robust clinical governance produced under the guidance of United Healthcare Global (UHCG), a specialist medical provider and the world’s largest medical insurance company.
  • UHCG provide us with a Medical Director, a physician who is expert in remote and extreme medicine, for deployment planning advice and prescription medicine authorisation.
  • Additionally our medics all have access to 24/7 ‘reach back’ remote physician support via telephone and online when deployed for additional support and reassurance to you.