North Star High Risk

We can enable your people

Project & Planning Support: We support Media, TV and film productions where there is a shared view that the production/deployment will be exposed to an increased level of physical risk, because you may be travelling to either a geo-politically or geographically challenging part of the world, or you may be making content on sensitive or challenging subject matters.

We can provide you with an end-to-end project service in which we:

• Provide general advice and support with initial plans and ideas to ensure that potential hazards are identified early on. 

• Highlight significant risks and give advice on how to mitigate these whilst maintaining creative vision. 

• Review or produce risk assessments for high risk locations and activities, recommending measures for increased safety, legal and insurance compliance and best practice. 

• Advise on emergency planning such as communications and overdue procedures, criminal or terrorist incident management, casualty management and evacuation, or a sudden deterioration in the security environment. 

• Advise on appropriate first aid and medical cover based on the location and activities. 

• Check competence of local fixers and contractors relative to the task and risk. 

• Advise on current expected training and competence standards. 

• Provide detailed equipment advice on personal protective and equipment. 

• Deliver medical and environmental health briefing / training including chemical, biological and radiological risk management support. 

• Advise on remote area communications and tracking solutions. 

• Provide assistance with checking competence of crew and contractors relative to the task and risk. • Advise on current expected training and competence standards. 

• Advise on special safety requirements such as child protection, persons with extra needs and........

Operational Risk Management Support to Remote Location & Challenging Environment Productions. We support TV or film productions that are made in remote locations or climate extremes (e.g., jungles, tropical rainforest, deserts, mountain ranges). We can provide suitably qualified and experienced individuals to accompany the productions in order to manage the expeditionary elements of these shoots and advise on safety aspects.

Medical Support to Productions. We can provide advanced first aid or paramedic support to your productions either in UK or overseas using appropriately qualified and insured specialists.

Operational Risk Management Support to News & Documentary Productions. We can provide on the ground safety & security support to news or documentary makers in hostile environments or public order situations.